Kate Lambert

"[They] have some strong players on board, particularly Kate Lambert, a blonde who has the strongest presence of the bunch with her manic, sorority girl energy and delightfully sick sense of humor. Her characters bring to mind various incarnations of Reese Witherspoon's Tracy Flick from "Election," adding an endlessly entertaining infusion of intensity to any scene she is in."
- Chicago Tribune

- The Jane Dough

"Sardonic and spot on."
- Bust Magazine

"Kate Lambert... possess[es] wickedly sharp timing and show[s] great range in character work... The show has one song in it, performed brilliantly...and left me wanting to hear more."
- Chicago Examiner

"[T]op Chicago talent..."
- SO Magazine

"[A] hilarious, up-and-coming comedian..."
- Upworthy

"With a talent that the average person would not expect from a comedy troupe, Kate Lambert wowed the audience with her spectacular singing abilities."
- The Clarion

"Luckily, we have Kate Lambert...[who is] a brilliant comedienne..."
- Veracity Stew

"...[T]he bright spot of the night was Kate Lambert..."
- Time Out Chicago

"[A] heavy hitter..."
- RedEye